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To submit a paper for publication, we warmly welcome the manuscript in a widely acceptable format (PDF preferred) is sent via the Above Button on the Left Corner,  or email to the editorial office. Also an author may send an electronic file of the manuscript to the Editorial Editor at the e-mail address on the home page. Acknowledgement of the paper should occur within a week. The submission of a paper implies the author’s assurance that it has not been copyrighted, published, or submitted for publication elsewhere. All authors of papers accepted for publication will be required to sign a transfer of copyright agreement.

Authors should strive for expository clarity and good literary style. Manuscripts lacking in these respects will not be published. Preference will be given to manuscripts between four and forty pages in length. Manuscripts submitted for publication should be neatly typed on one side of the page only, double-spaced (including references), with generous margins. Hand-inserted symbols should be well spaced and legible; unusual symbols and complicated combinations of symbols should be avoided. The abstract and standard MSC 2010 should be included. References to articles and books should be in the standard form with the standard abbreviations established by Mathematical Reviews, and should be listed in alphabetical-chronological order. Upon acceptance of a paper, the author will need to supply an electronic version of their manuscript. The paper/book should still be double-spaced, and sent either on a disk, or via electronic mail. The file will need to be in a TeX/LaTeX/AMS-TeX file (AMS-TeX preferred). Please indicate which verions of TeX you used, and what operating system has been used to create the diskette. Please include all figure files and any macro files used in the paper. Once published, author(s) will receive a PDF file of the final printed version of their article. Only for books, printing and express delivery of one hard copy of the book sent directly to the Editor(s) and corresponding Authors. For the publisher to sustain Open Access to all of its publications, it is necessary to defray the editorial and production costs by collecting Article Processing Charges (APC) from Authors' institutes or research funding bodies. (South Asian J Math (SAJM)-100 USD/  South Asian Book chapter-200 USD/  MS & PHD dissertation-FREE). 


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