Article Processing Charge


The Open Access model that we apply to all of our publication eliminates subscriptions and pay-per-view fees, hence enabling readers to access research at no cost. To keep the business sustainable, the publisher applies an Article Processing Charge to cover the costs of the editorial workflow and production. These include:

  • Publishing process management
  • Online publishing technology
  • Typesetting
  • Proof reading, copyediting
  • Promotion and dissemination of your work
  • Indexing and listing across all major repositories
  • Only for books, printing and express delivery of one hard copy of the book sent directly to the Editor(s) and corresponding Authors 
South Asian J Math (SAJM) 100 USD
South Asian Book chapter                                                          200 USD
MS & PHD Math Dissertation      0 USD


If authors are looking to publish a manuscript in one of InTech's publications which include scientific journals and edited books, but cannot afford publication fees, InTech offers the possibility of applying for a waiver. Only after a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the corresponding author should submit the waiver request form by contacting the assigned publishing process manager. Please note that partial or full waiver priority will be given to authors with proof of residence in the countries classified by the World Bank as low income economies. The waiver request will normally be addressed within one week from the application date. Invited journal articles and exceptional scientific contributions suggested by the Editors are eligible for full waivers.


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