Issue 1, Vol 3, 2013


Volume 3 (2013) Issue 1



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1. Common fixed point theorems on 2-merger spaces for integral type mappings     Pages  1-7

      Kamal Wadhwa, Jyoti Panthi and  Ramakant Bhardwaj

      Abstract Full Text

2. Strength of fuzzy cycles     Pages 8-21  

     Sheeba M.B and Raji Pilakkat

      Abstract | Full Text

3Some extension of Hardy-Hilbert's integral inequality     Pages 22-29     

     W.T. Sulaiman

      Abstract | Full Text

4. Generalization of Preece's identity and some contigous results      Pages 30-35

      A. Kumar Pandey, R. Bhardwaj, K. Wadhwa and N. Singh Thakur

      Abstract | Full Text

5. Conformal kropina change of a Finsler space with (α,β)-metric of douglas type    Pages 36-43

      H.S. Shukla, O. P. Pandey and Honey Dutt Joshi

      Abstract | Full Text

6. Fixed point theorem for A-Contraction mappings of integral      Pages 44-48

      Pravin B Prajapati and Ramakant Bhardwaj

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7. Structural phase transition and electronic properties of TiN and NbN:ab-initio calculation   Pages 49-55

      Ashvini K. Sahu, Ramakant Bhardwaj and Sankar P Sanyal

      Abstract | Full Text

8. Bitopological spaces associated with digraphs     Pages 56-66  

     Baby Girija E.V. and Raji Pilakkat

      Abstract | Full Text

9. On the starlikeness for the class of multivalent non-Bazilevic functions      Pages 67-70

      Lifeng Guo, Yi Ling and Gejun Bao

      Abstract | Full Text

10. On various types of 3-GDDs    Pages 71-77     

      Manjusri Basu and Debabrata Kumar Ghosh

      Abstract | Full Text

11. Normalized duality mappings on linear 2-normed spaces and smoothness     Pages 78-90

      Sivadasan Thirumangalath and Raji Pilakkat

      Abstract | Full Text

12. Note on the divisibility of the class numbers of the quadratic fields Q(√32e-4kn)    Pages 91-93

      K. Raja Rama Gandhi

      Abstract | Full Text


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