Issue 5, Vol 2, 2012


Volume 2 (2012)   Issue 5


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1. On some new fractional q-integral inequalities    Pages 450-459

      W.T. Sulaiman

      Abstract Full Text


2. NSE characterization of the group PSL(2,49)     Pages 460-465

      Alireza Khalili Asboei

      Abstract | Full Text


3Techniques of solving Diophantine equations lead to Dio-Gandhi equations     Pages 466-483

      K. Raja Rama Gandhi

      Abstract | Full Text

4. Sequence of numbers with three alternate common differences and common ratios     Pages 484-491

     Julius Fergy T. Rabago   

     Abstract Full Text

5. Compatible mappings on fixed point theorem in Menger spaces     Pages 492-496

      M. Rangamma, A. Padma

      Abstract | Full Text

6The Drazin inverses of combinations of two idempotents on a Hilbert space      Pages 497-507

      Tao Xie, Kezheng Zuo 

      Abstract Full Text

7The connected hull number of a graph     Pages 508-516

      J. John, V. Mary Gleeta

      Abstract | Full Text

8. A polynomial algorithm to get convergent series with general term tending to zero   Pages 517-522 

      Chun-Tai Liu

      Abstract | Full Text


9. gsΛ closed and open functions in topological space     Pages 523-534 

      Vijilius Helena Raj, S. Pious Missier

      Abstract | Full Text


10. Conversion of the Riemann prime number formula      Pages 535-541

      Dan Liu

      Abstract | Full Text 


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