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Jan 8, 2014


inviting to participate in the refereeing of the articles
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Readers of South Asian Journal of Mathematics (SAJM), are hereby invited to participate in the refereeing of articles submitted to the journal.

The task of the referee is to make a critical evaluation of the submitted paper and an explicit recommendation to accept or reject the paper for publication. In many cases, referees recommend acceptance (or re-evaluation) subject to a revision, and provide explicit guidelines for the author(s) to follow.

The process of refereeing normally takes 4 to 6 weeks. Referees are not supposed to communicate directly with the authors. All communications are through the editors.

If you would like to serve as a referee, please register with us by sending an email to editor@sajm-online.com with headline Refereeing for South Asian J Math and providing us with the following information. 

Email address: 

Mailing addresses 
Academic affiliation: 
Residential address:

Special scientific interests and selected publications (eventually 2010 MSC numbers). 


Accepted referees

  • Xuanlong Ma
  • Beijing Normal University 
  • Interests: groups and graphs

  • Praveen Kumar Sharma 
  • Amity Universtiy
  • Interests: fixed point theory and fuzzy theory
  • Sudev Naduvath
  • Vidya Academy of Science & Technology
  • Interests: graph theory and discrete mathematics  

  • Johan J. Kok
  • Director Licensing Services(Republic of South Africa)
  • Interests: discrete mathematics; graph theory, combinatorica

  • Santanu Acharjee​
  •  IASST and Gauhati University (India)
  • Interests: general topology, soft set theory
  • Qays Hatem Imran
  • Frères Mentouri Constantine University(Iraq)
  • Interests: topology
  • Dalah Mohamed
  • University of Al-Muthanna(Algeria)
  • Interests: fussy system

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