Volume 7 (2017)   Issue 3



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1. Special Associated Curves in Galilean 4-Space G   Pages 164-171

Gu¨lden Altay, Handan ¨Oztekin, Mahumut Ergu¨t, Talat Ko¨rpinar

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2. On decompositions of some subsets of soft weak structures  Pages 172-181

A. M. Abd El-latif

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3. On semi-invariant submanifolds of a trans-sasakian manifold with a semi-symmetric non-metric connection  Pages 182-196

Modhd Danish Siddiqi

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4. Cross∗-regular semigroups and cross∗-completely regular semigroups  Pages 197-208

Xiaoqiang Luo

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5. Fixed point results and Pachpatte theorem  Pages 209-213

Mumtaz Ali, Muhammad Arshad

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